Debian Hits Double Digits on August 16th 2003!

  • Anand Kumria had the cool idea of creating some 10th birthday merchandise. At the moment he's planning to do some mugs and some bags, but it'll depend on what sort of demand there is. If you're interested, send him an email for more info.
  • Debian gear can also be bought at - thanks to Henrion Benjamin for pointing that one out to me!
  • Rob 'robster' Bradford has created an IRC channel called '#debian-party' on OFTC. Go there to join the fun!
  • Don't forget to take a camera if you're attending a party, once this is all over I'd like to stick up a photo gallery.
Happy Birthday Debian!

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What: Possibly a late party at LCA2004?
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: To be decided

What: Dinner
Where: Mexicali Rose Mexican restaurant, 103 Swan St Richmond
When: Saturday 16th August, 6pm
Info: Contact for more info. On the day, you can get me (Jonathan) on 0438 516 600

What: Dinner celebration
Where: The Jetty, King Street Wharf
When: Wednesday 20th August
Info: Contact Matt Hope for more info


What: Drinks at a beer garden
Where: Beer Garden, Guter Hirte, Bahnhofstr. 1, Salzburg (10min to walk from main railroad station)
When: Sat, 16.08.2003 18:00
Info: Email Thomas Freina for more info


What: Presentation and press-conference on Debian and Free Software
Where: most likely, BGUIR (Belarussian State University of Computer Science and Electronics)
When: 16th August 15:00
Info: See or email vssk for more info


What: Food, Beer, Fun and a Key Signing Party, combined with a popular party in Outrmeuse
Where: To be decided (meeting points should be the Simenon Hostel or the Fede
When: August 15th, 2003 - 19:00-21:00 (key signing party) and later
Info: See the event page and the key signing party page. Email Frederic Peters, Benjamin Henrion, Reginald Ratz, or Jean-Etienne Poirrier for more info


What: Night Party (Food, Beer, Fun!)
Where: in the "Farol da Barra" Salavador
When: Saturday 16th August, 6pm
Info: Contact Aurium Hope for more info

What: Pizza at Pizzaria Monte Bello
Where: Campinas - Av. Júlio de Mesquita, 788 Cambui
When: 15th August
Info: Contact Michelle Ribeiro for more info

Rio Grande do Sul
What: Gaucho's Barbecue (AKA Churrasco)
Where: in "Churrascaria Princesa Isabel", Porto Alegre
When: Saturday 16th August, 20:30
Info: Contact


What: 10 years Debian GNU/Linux party,beer,cake,keysigning,debian-help,good music ;-)
Where: Helloween bar, Student city, Sofia
When: 21.00h
Info: or Plamen Tonev ( for more info


Halifax, Nova Scotia
What : BBQ, VAX and Beer
Where : Eghetto
When : Saturday 16th, 2003 17:00-
Info : See

Ottawa, Ontario
What: Food, Beer, Keysigning
Where: See the Wiki
When: Saturday, August 16th, 2003 - evening
Info: See the wiki

Waterloo, Ontario
What: Beer
Where: 249 CedarBrae Ave, Unit #20
When: August 16th, 2003 - 8pm
Info: Email James A. Morrison for more info, or see the event page

Beauceville, Québec
What: To be decided
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Email Michael Lessard for more info

Montreal, Québec
What: Beer and pool
Where: Bacci St-Denis, 4205 Saint-Denis
When: Saturday, August 16th, 2003 - 14h00
Info: Email Vincent Brousseau for more info


What: Beer
Where: Pub "El Obelisco", near Plaza Italia,
When: 20:30, Saturday.
Info :

What: Beer
Where: Pub "La Torre", at Avenida Brasil and San Ignacio,
When: 21:00, Saturday
Info :


What: Food, Beer and Fun
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Email for more info.

Czech Republic

What: Small celebration
Where: Brno, location to be decided
When: August 16th, 2003 - 18:00
Info: Email Michal Spacek for more info or see the coordination page

What: Small celebration
Where: Club no. 10, student dormitories @ Silicon Hill
When: August 16th, 2003 - 19:00
Info: Email Michal Medvecky for more info

El Salvador

San Salvador
What: Meeting - Debian Presentation - Nightly Beach/Lake (To be decided) party with food and drink
Where: Instituto Técnico Ricaldone
When: 16 Aug 2003, 13:00
Info: See for more info


What: To be decided
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Email Aleksandr Koltsoff for more info

What: Meeting in a restaurant
Where: Panimoravintola Koulu
When: 16 Aug 2003, 18:00-20:30
Info: See the event page for more info


What: Party outside
Where: the old emerald isle, Berlin Kreuzberg, Erkelenzdamm
When: 16.08.2003, 17:00 Uhr
Info: See for more info

What: Debian birthday Installation and Barbecue party
Where: Berlin-Mitte, Kulturfabrik-Moabit
When: 16.08.2003, 14:00 Uhr
Info: See for more info

What: Barbecue and party
Where: Netzladen (
When: August 16th - 4pm for BBQ, then party afterwards
Info: See for more info

What: Barbecue party
Where: please contact organiser
When: August 17th(!)
Info: See for more info

What: Debian GNU/Geburtstagparty with non-free but cheap beer ;-)
Where: Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe/Entropia e.V
When: Saturday 20:00
Info: See for more info

Middle Germany
What: Debian birthday party
Where: Wallenrod, Hessen
When: August 16th-17th
Info: See for more info.


What: 3-day Hungarian DDTP, discussions, party
Where: Budapest Technical Universoty, Schonherz Zoltan Kollegium (Dormitory)
When: August 15 18:00 - 17th 13.00
Info: See (English info and details very soon)


What: Meeting in restaurant
Where: Bolzano, restaurant "La Muraglia Cinese"
When: Thursday, August 14th, 8:00pm

What: Probably the smallest of all Debian parties, the village has a population of 15 and has exactly 1 Debian machine, so it'll be Danny Ayers celebrating Debian while the other 14 celebrate San Rocco's Day ;-)
Where: Wherever Danny happens to go
When: Whenever Danny feels like it
Info: Ask Danny


What: Dinner
Where: To be decided
When: 16 Aug 2003, 19:00 WIB
Info: Email Indra Kusuma for more info.


What: Shinjuku B. O. F.
Where: Shinjuku LOFT PLUSONE
When: 16 Aug 2003, 0:00-5:00 (This is really early morning!)
Info: See

What: To be decided
Where: To be decided
When: Midnight, August 15th
Info: See the Debian JP Project. Info URL to be advised.


What: Beer and songs (among other things)
Where: Kaunas, Galera (Kumeliu g.6)
When: 08.16 18:00


Mexico City
What: Steak, beer and geeks
Where: j0rd1's place
When: Saturday 16
Info:, or


What: party, free drinks (yes, that includes beer), free WiFi. Sponsored by Lunatech Research and Waag Society.
Where: Waag Society, Theatrum Anatomicum
When: August 16, 20:00
Info: Email Wichert Akkerman for more info


What: Beers and beers, food and fun! :)
Where: To be decided, will announce by July 30th
When: August 16th, in the evening
Info: Email Rudy Godoy for more info


Metro Manila
What: Debian Party / EB
Where: Serg's Cafe (EDSA Shangri-La, ground floor, facing EDSA)
When: August 16th, 2003 Saturday at 4:30 PM
Info: Email Sacha for more info


What: irc-party combined with celebration of the anniversary. The party is going to include grill, beer and social get-together.
Where: Grzybowo near Kolobrzeg
When: 15th till 18th of August
Info: Email Radoslaw Antoniuk for more info


What: Food, Beer and Fun
Where: To be decided
When: 16 Aug 2003, 20:00
Info: Email João Miguel Neves for more info.


Stary Oskol
What: Beer, Fishing
Where: To be decided
When: August 16
Info: Email Alexander Danilov for more info


What: Kofola and/or beer party, small celebration
Where: Murik / Lunik 8
When: To be decided
Info: #intrak at irc servers: (local) or for more info, or email Patrik Bona.

What: Walking and hiking this day
Where: To be decided
When: When it gets dark
Info: or email


What: Dinner
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Email Sergei Krivov for more info.

Palma de Mallorca
What: Nightly beach party with food and drink
Where: To be decided
When: 16th August night
Info: See for more info, more information soon on the lug's web


What: A barbeque party with Karlstad Unix Association (KUF).
Where: Borgmästerholmen
When: Aug 16th, 2003 - 18:00
Info: See KUF for more information

What: depends on interest (probably birthday cake/keysigning/dinner)
Where: Stockholm, exact location yet to be decided
When: depends on interest (August 16th, of course)
Info: email for more information

What: Birthday cake
Where: At maswan's place in Umea (Alvans vag 72)
When: 17-19
Info: Contact for directions :)


What: Champagne and beer, discussions, great view
Where: Toni Areal, 7th floor (rooftop), Foerrlibuckstrasse 109, Zurich
When: August 16th, 19:30
Info: See for more info


What: Coffee, Fun and a Key Signing Party, Taiwan Linux User Group Meeting
Where: CoffeeLab - 2F., No. 125, Sec. 1, Hsin-Shen South Rd., Taipei
When: Sat 16 Aug 2003 13:00-17:00
Info: See

United Kingdom

What: PubKeysigningBarbecueInebriationSleepHangoutMovie (in that order)
Where: Steve McIntyre's house and assorted surrounding locations
When: Saturday 16th August - next day
Info: See the Wiki for details

United States

Anchorage, Alaska
What: Social get-together
Where: 9 Star
When: August 15th, 7-10pm (usual Friday times 6:30-11 still in effect)
Info: See the Alaska Linux Users Group site or email Bob Pelz

What: Social get-together and GPG keysigning. Please bring your key fingerprint and 2 IDs if you want to do the signing.
Where: Manuel's Tavern
When: Saturday 16th August, 18:00 - whenever
Info: Email Nick Black for more info

What: Combined PGP keysigning and 10th birthday party
Where: Rock Bottom Brewery at Grand and State
When: 2pm, Saturday 16th August
Info: See John Kristoff's proposal for more info

Kansas City
What: To be decided
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Contact Paul Thompson for more info

Las Vegas
What: To be decided
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided
Info: Contact Chris Louden for more info

Minneapolis/St. Paul
What: Drinking, eating, talking, etc. GPG keysigning if anyone wants to.
Where: Brit's Pub, Downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall
When: Meet at 6pm
Info: See Call for interest or mail Scott Dier

New York (Canton)
What: Social get together, Dinner, Presentation as per interest
Where: TBA, as per interest
When: Saturday August 16th, time TBA
Info: Contact Justin Pryzb for more info

What: Celebration
Where: GNU/Linux Stammtisch at Bandersnatch
When: 19th, 19:00
Info: Contact or see more info

What: Keysigning and get-together
Where: McMenammin's T&P, 1716 NW 23rd Ave
When: Aug 30, 7PM
Info: See for more info

What: Debian 10 Year Birthday Celebration
Where: Jake's Roadhouse on top of Chauncy Hill in West Lafayette, Indiana
When: 6:30pm August 16th, 2003
Info: Contact for more info

San Francisco Bay Area
What: To be decided
Where: Triple Rock
When: To be decided
Info: See Call for interest

What: Barbeque in a park
Where: Alki Beach Park, tables #13 and #14 (which are reserved for Debian that afternoon)
When: Saturday August 16th, 1pm->br> Info: See for more info, or email Benj. Mako Hill.

West Lafayette, Indiana
What: Celebration of Debian's 10th Birthday. Ian Murdock will be there! What could be more appropriate than celebrating the birth of Debian, at the birthplace of Debian, with one of the fathers of Debian?
When: Sat August 16th 6:30pm EST (2330 UTC)
Where: Jake's at Chauncey Hill (135 S Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette, Indiana) - The birthplace of the Debian Project
Info: Contact the PLUG Officers to RSVP


What: Beer
Where: To be decided
When: To be decided, but possibly the 16th.
Info: Contact Ely Alvarado

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